Machine Design

Adapter-Mount Roller Bearing

The 6000 Series Shurlok Adapter Mount Roller Bearing uses a Positive Locking System for vibration-free operation.

The self-aligning bearing handles up to 3° of static and dynamic misalignment. A taperedsleeve design allows for easy installation and removal. Available in 115/16 to 415/16-in. shaft sizes, the bearing’s Spyglass Optical Strain Sensor has an indicator to set optimal shaft grip. A quick-release feature permits nondestructive removal for maintenance. The mounting collar is reusable. The bearing’s superfinished raceways allow for quiet, cool running at high speeds and loads. Tolerancemachined hour-glass roller elements extend bearing life.

Rexnord Industries LLC, 4701 W. Greenfield Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53214, (414) 643-2136,

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