Machine Design

Compact Stepmotor Controls

KL2531 and KL2541 stepper-motor terminals are compact I/O alternatives to traditional stepper controls.

These bus terminals eliminate the need for small stepper motors up to 200 W to have remote amplifiers. With a size of only 12 mm, the KL2531 Bus Terminal is designed for simple integration into a 24-Vdc control-voltage system. Its peak current is 1.5 A/phase. KL2541 modules offer higher performance comparable to that of small servodrives. They provide a peak current of 5 A to generate a torque of 5 Nm in conjunction with a standard stepper motor. The supply voltage of up to 50 Vdc enables high speeds with torque. The KL2541 has an integrated incremental encoderinterface. Both stepper-motor terminals provide two controlled sine/cosine currents. A 25-kHz current-control enables smooth current output without resonance. The current resolution is 64 steps per period: 64-fold microstepping. A standard motor with a 1.8° step angle runs smoothly and can be set to up to 12,800 electronic positions per turn.

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