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Cool and compressed

Liquid Ice treats sports-related injuries, without needing to be refrigerated.

Liquid Ice from Americool Inc., Belmont, N.H., reduces swelling and pain caused by sports injuries, but unlike ordinary ice packs, it combines cooling and compression in a reusable wrap.

And also unlike other ice packs, Liquid Ice cools by itself — without any refrigeration. Even during the summer sun, it stays cool because of an all-natural, proprietary topical treatment.

Users need only open the package, take the bandage out, and wrap it around the injury. Immediate compression keeps initial swelling down, and the instant cooling relieves pain. During the first 20 min, it will get colder, and it stays cool for up to 2 hr.

"You can use Liquid Ice on every pain or injury where you would use ice. As Liquid Ice lowers temperature in the treated area 12 to 15°F, it doesn't burn the skin like ice," says Karen Hassler, marketing director for Americool. "It's also comfortable to wear and stays in place, even while the person moves around."

Liquid Ice comes in a short wrap for ankles, wrists, and elbows, and a long wrap for knees, shoulders, and lower back. When the bandage is dry, the Liquid Ice Recharger recharges it for up to 40 more uses.

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