Machine Design

New Product: High-Powered Air Nozzle

When mounted 12 in. from a target, the High Power Super Air Nozzle produces a 2-in.-wide airstream with a 2.2-lb blowing force.

Noise levels are just 83 dBA. A 0.025-in. air-gap opening, set with a stainlesssteel shim positioned between the body and removable cap, releases a precise amount of air. Surrounding room air is pulled in to produce a wide, forceful stream of high-velocity, laminar air. Air consumption is 37 scfm at 80 psig. The nozzle comes in zinc-aluminum alloy for rugged industrial applications and Type 316 stainless steel for corrosive, pharmaceutical, and food applications.

Exair Corp.
11510 Goldcoast Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45249
(800) 903-9247

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