Walking the Schenzen show aisles

Breakfast for me consisted of vegtables, corn-on-the-cob, and “sticky rice” which comes wrapped in a leaf and parchment paper.

This morning we attended the opening ceremonies for the 61'st annual CMEF event currently being held in Schenzen, China. The event is completely international, with exhibitors and attendees from all over the globe. This suits the a tagline you hear everywhere here, "discover China, discover the world." The Chinese have an interesting formalitiy: Ceremonies and the like always open with the an announcer reading-off the names of each event supporter. Needless to say, you can sit there sometimes for as long as thirty minutes until all names are read!

The show is huge -- 2,100 exhibitors of which 20% are international, and over 50,000 attendees. Our first interview was with Shinva, a well-known manufacturer that started business here in 1942. The company makes products including infection-control systems, surgical instruments, and pharm equipment. According to the company spokesperson, Shinva is the only firm to be certified as a state-level technology firm by the Chinese government. The three levels are: state, provincial, and city. I think the certification determines where a company's products can be sold in the country. The company exports to 60 countries, none yet in the U.S. or Europe.


...Later than evening, we attend the Gala dinner. Food is placed on a kind of Lazy Susan on top of each table. You twirl the device until the item you want is within reach.

More on the show to come later...

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