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Who needs a calculator watch when you can get an oscilloscope on your wrist

First came an oscilloscope small enough to fit in your hand. Now, from the same inventor, comes an oscilloscope built into an ordinary-sized wrist watch. Gabriel Anzziani in Sarasota, Fla. is trying to fund his 'wrist scope' project on Kickstarter. The gizmo is based on the same design as a palm-sized scope he has already devised. Specs include 256KB Flash, 16KB SRAM, 4KB EEPROM Sharp Memory LCD display, and 400-mAh Li-Ion battery rechargeable via a micro USB connector. The scope even functions as a logic analyzer with eight digital inputs that are 3.3 V / 5-V tolerant with a maximum sampling rate of 16 MSPS.

The scope has two analog inputs and a maximum sampling rate of 4 MSPS. Its analog bandwidth is 200 kHz and the input impedance is 1 MΩ. It even includes an arbitrary waveform generator with an analog bandwidth of 50 kHz.

In other words, the wrist scope might not be something you'd use to debug an Intel Core i7 processor design, but it certainly makes a statement about the person wearing it.

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