Basics of High-Load Capacity Slide Products

Sponsored by NB Corp.

When designing industrial automation equipment for high load capacities, it is essential to understand some of the key features and benefits available from manufacturing methods as well as design features.

With a focus on load, slide products can deliver up to 27 times more travel life to automation equipment, production machinery, optical systems, and measuring instruments. Machine designers have a choice concerning the load-bearing capabilities of their designs and typically build for a median range of user needs. Users then can struggle with load-bearing concerns, pushing equipment to its limits, or choose to swap out low-load rails and linear bushings with ones offering greater capabilities. For applications where transferring high loads is a major focus of the design, such higher load capacities can be gained through a number of important manufacturing processes as well as specific design implementations.

Download this guide and review Basics of High-Load Capacity Slide Products, sponsored by NB Corp. who is Achieving Greater Linear Motion Accuracy for Less.

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