Scanning for Ideas: WEG motor gets outfitted for severe duty

Three-phase induction motors from WEG Electric Corp., Duluth, Ga., meet or exceed all NEMA efficiency requirements and have beefed up cast-iron reinforced frames, endshields, terminal boxes, and fan covers to withstand harsh operating conditions. The W22 IEEE 841 motors are rated IP55, up to 104°F. The two, four, six, or eight-pole motors operate at 60 Hz on 460 or 575 V. Motors up to 100 hp have a service factor of 1.25, while those of 125 hp and more have a 1.15 service factor.

This series of motors was recently redesigned to reduce noise, vibration, and thermal footprint. The redesign also improved efficiency so that it cuts energy losses by 10 to 50% compared to motors with similar specs, and simplified maintenance. The motors will also work with most current and future generations of frequency inverters.

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