Ultralight Torque Limiters

The SL Series of torque limiters has half the inertia and less than half the mass than competing parts, allowing for a rapid and automatic recovery from torque overload.

The limiters use a spring-loaded ball-detent system, along with a preload for zero-backlash operation. The unit, constructed from state-of-the-art materials with surface treatments and innovative assembly technology, is rated to disengage at 160 Nm and weighs 370 gm with a moment of inertia of 0.8 × 10-3 kg2.

The SL Series can handle in excess of 10,000 disengagement events, depending on rotational speed. Four sizes (Series 30/60/150/300) cover disengagement torque values from 5 to 700 Nm, and involve various mounting options, including both direct and indirect drive versions. Models SLN (clamping) and SLP (keyway) attach by flange to sprockets, sheaves, pulleys, and gears, and include an integral dual-bearing system to support belt and chain tension when properly located over the shaft. Models SL2 (bellows coupling) and SLE (servo insert coupling) mount in-line between two independently supported shafts.

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