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Machine Design

12-MM DC Micromotor

The Series 1224...SR micromotor hits a high power-to-volume ratio through the combination of an ironless rotor and neodymium rare-earth magnets for a stall torque range of 5.43 mNm and speeds to 13,800 rpm.

The precious metal commutation permits operation at low starting voltages because of inherent low contact resistance. The 24-mm-long motor has a black housing that facilitates optimum heat dissipation, an external 12-mm motor diameter, and a 1.5-mm-diameter motor shaft for high rotational stability. For a complete miniature dc-drive system, the motor can be combined with a gearhead and encoder. Planetary, spur, and zero-backlash gearheads come in 10 and 12-mm diameters with various reduction ratios for an output torque up to 300 mNm. Two-channel magnetic encoders provide precise speed control and direction of rotation, as well as driveshaft positioning.

MicroMo Electronics Inc., 14881 Evergreen Ave., Clearwater, FL 33762, (800) 807-9166,

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