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Cable-jacketing vinyl - Teknor Apex

Cable-jacketing vinyl - Teknor Apex

Apex 70001 and 70002 jacketing compounds resist cold temperatures, oil, and flame. Both compounds meet applicable UL and CSA requirements.
Apex 70001 has a specific gravity of 1.31, a service temperature range of -46 to 105°C, and Shore A hardness of 72. Its tensile strength is 2,400 psi and it elongates to 385%.
Apex 70002 works between -56 and 105°C, has a 1.30 specific gravity, and 76 Shore-A hardness. It elongates to 375% while resisting tensile stress up to 2,110 psi.

Teknor Apex, 505 Central Ave., Pawtucket, RI  02861, (401)725-8000,

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