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Compensation units - Schunk Inc.

 The AGE-E and AGE-F compensation units are designed for balancing tolerances or deviations of workpiece position.
Elastomer pads let the AGE-E unit compensate for deviations up to 4 mm in the X and Y axis and angular compensation of up to 3.5°. An optional pneumatic centering lock lets the unit be held rigidly on-center when needed. The AGE-E can be directly mounted to PGN+, PZN+, JGP, and JGZ grippers from sizes 50 to 200. Maximum handling weight is up to 24 kg, depending on the gripper used.
 The self-centering AGE-F version uses spring force and compensates for deviations up to 5 mm in the X and Y axis. Three different spring rates are available for each of the four sizes, which can be preloaded to specific values using an adjustment screw. Cross-roller guides let the AGE-F operate mechanically, without any pneumatic elements. The units mount directly to PGN+ and PZN+ grippers and have robot ISO flanges on the opposite mounting surface.
Schunk Inc., 211 Kitty Hawk Dr., Morrisville, NC 27560, (919) 572-2705,

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