Machine Design

Conveyor Valves

New Series VFD direct-operated poppet valves are for zero-pressure accumulation conveyor systems.

Working with a conveyor's control logic and sensors, the units control air pressure for roller actuation and braking. The valves offer 0.10-Cv flow with an operating pressure range of 0 to 72 psi to handle large pressure drops that are found on long conveyor runs. Response time is 14 msec (on) and 5 msec (off). Valves feature an IP65 rating and are equipped with one-touch fittings for easy connection, silencers with sintered-bronze elements, and manual override for ease of commissioning. They are available in 110-Vac and 24-Vdc versions with two-pin M8, DIN, and grommet electrical connections.

SMC Corp. of America, 3011 N. Franklin Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46226, (317) 899-4650,

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