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Machine Design

Dual 12-Pin Panel-Wiring System

The Dual 12-pin collective wiring system for the new Allen-Bradley panel connect eliminates wiring of individual points.

The wiring system consists of left and right-hand blank and ported transition plates and end plates that let an F or H-Series collective wiring module be connected to a valve stack or manifold having a terminal block. This lets users make a direct connection from PLC input/output cards to AB panel-connect modules mounted on the control enclosure.

The F and H-Series wiring modules are available in ac or dc with 16 outputs/module (eight outputs/connector) and are field convertible with serial, 12-pin Dsubminiature and 19-pin modules. The system uses 11/8-in. connectors that are interchangeable with 25-pin D-subminiature, 19-pin heavy-duty round and serial-communication modules on Parker F and H Series valves. Reference catalog #0600P-7/USA.

Parker Hannifin Corp., Pneumatic Div. North America,
8676 East M89, Richland, MI 49083,
(269) 629-5000,

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