Machine Design

Electromechanical Rod Actuator

The DNCE screw-driven electromechanical rod actuator has a nonrotating round piston rod.

Electromechanical Rod Actuator

The unit provides high precision and flexibility and can be supplied as either a stand-alone mechanical axis for mounting to a motor or as combined with an MTR-DCI intelligent motor and controller. The DNCE comes with a lead or ball screw, depending on the customer requirements: Ball-screw driven DNCE provides higher precision and repeatability, higher feed velocities, and longer duty cycles than pneumatic actuators. Leadscrew-driven DNCE is self-braking for safety. Benefits of the actuator include: Motor mounting can be configured axially or as a reverse-parallel mount; proximity sensors mount easily into sensor slots; and standard and custom stroke lengths to 600 mm. Repeatability is ±0.07 mm for leadscrew and ±0.02 mm for ball screw.

Festo Corp.,
395 Moreland Rd., Box 18023, Hauppauge, NY 11788,
(631) 435-0800,


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