Machine Design

Embedded-Operating-System Software

RabbitSys is an operating system for Ethernetenabled, embedded applications.

The RabbitSys kernel is available preloaded on the RCM3365 RabbitSys core module and lets embedded-systems designers update, monitor, configure, detect, diagnose, and debug embedded systems from remote locations. The operating system safeguards access to embedded-system resources, like I/O and system memory, assuring software integrity. Those familiar with Dynamic C will find RabbitSys easy to work with. Features such as a program monitor, event handler, and safe system shutdown make applications resistant to external transient errors. The remote capabilities enable embedded programmers to raise e-mail alerts when a software failure occurs. During such failures, RabbitSys takes the necessary steps to return attached equipment to its default state. A simple network connection and software update to the malfunctioning device repairs the problem. RabbitSys also scales with the deployment of new devices. A development kit includes an RCM3365 RabbitCore module, a prototyping board, Dynamic C development software, CD with samples, and documentation.

Rabbit Semiconductor Inc., 2900 Spafford St., Davis, CA 95616, (530) 757-8400,

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