Machine Design

High-Flow Industrial Pumps

QR Series pumps provide high-flow, pulsefree vacuum or pressure in industrial-duty conditions.

They have cast-iron pump housings, extended-life vanes, and use permanently lubricated ball-bearing motors. Oilless pumps with built-in inlet and exhaust filters ensure clean flow. A die-cast-aluminum sound chamber and external exhaust muffler keep operational noise to a minimum. Single or three-phase ac motors are available to meet world voltage needs. The pumps generate up to 10-psi (0.7 bar) continuous pressure, or 15-psi (1.0 bar) intermittent. Maximum rated vacuum is 26.0-in.-Hg (869 mbar). Maximum flow is rated at 10 cfm (283 lpm).

Rietschle Thomas Sheboygan Inc.
1419 Illinois Ave.
Sheboygan, WI 53082
(920) 457-489

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