Machine Design

High-Purity Seals

New SYGEF gaskets support SYGEF PVDF (polyvinylidene) piping to provide an improved flange seal for both standard and high-purity applications.


Manufactured to ANSI specifications with EPDM rubber and a TFM (modified PTFE) covering exposed to the fluid stream, the new gasket features excellent compressibility (low torque), simple installation, and chemical resistance. It is offered in both Standard Purity and High Purity versions in sizes from 25 to 250 mm. The Standard Purity version handles a wide variety of chemical applications. The High Purity version is cleaned and double-bagged in a Class 1,000 clean room and targets both ambient and hot UPW applications. A selfcentering design lets the unit fit on the outer surface of the flange adapter to create a tight, leak-free seal. Good memory properties allow multiple installations, something not possible with expanded PTFE gaskets.

George Fischer Inc.,
2882 Dow Ave., Tustin, CA 92780,
(800) 854-4090,

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