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Let's give a hand to the winners

The 2005 Mini manus Online Plastic Bearing Design Contest winners have been named. Manus aims to educate the industry on the merits of plastic as a viable material for use in machinery components.

Kesmac Inc., a Canadian manufacturer of commercial turf equipment, received the Gold Manus award for its use of the iglide R flange plastic bearing from igus Inc., East Providence, R.I. Kesmac replaced 28 bronze bushings with iglide R in 14 pivot points on the Kesmac 11 Gang Reel Mower. The iglide bearings were chosen to eliminate the need to grease the 14 points. They also decreased maintenance time and machining costs of grease nipples.

The second place Silver award was given to Waters Corp., Milford, Mass., a developer of analytical laboratory instruments and equipment. Waters used DryLin N linear guide systems from igus in its Alliance HPLC separation system. The DryLin rail is used in the linear actuator, which was redesigned due to problems, such as binding and loss of position.

BC2A Design Inc., San Jose, Calif., is the recipient of the third place Bronze manus award. BC2A used iglide G300 plastic bearings in brake calipers for consumer and professional racing bicycles. The lightweight brakes must function in all weather conditions.

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