Machine Design

Metric Leadscrews

Metric leadscrews are available in diameters from 10 to 24 mm and leads from 2 to 45 mm.

They target the positioning of light to medium loads where fast, precise, and reliable positioning is a primary objective. Potential applications include semiconductor manufacturing, medical, laboratory/life-science equipment, and engraving. An innovative Supernut design eliminates backlash. DIN-103 compliant thread forms are available, as are proprietary optimized forms in select sizes. These thread designs reduce localized stresses. The XC Series screw uses patented ActiveCAM technology to provide a rigid stainless-steel cam for biasing. This gives high axial stiffness and minimum drag torque. The mechanism also eliminates the need for other types of antibacklash mechanisms that lead to high drag torque, poor performance, and shorter life. ActiveCAM applies little axial force so there is little wear. Many configurations are available from stock. Screws can be machined to meet customer specification within days. Custom leadscrew assemblies are available for OEM applications that demand special qualities including custom nuts, sizes, materials, and coatings.

Danaher Motion,
1500 Mittel Blvd., Wood Dale, IL 60191,
(866) 993-2624,

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