Machine Design

New Product: No-Spill Couplings

Thread-to-connect S51 Series double shut-off quick couplings are for use with most industrial fluids.

The high-flow, fluid-transfer coupling connects under full system pressure by rotating a female threaded heavy-duty cast-iron wing nut or plated-steel hex nut onto the mating male threaded tip. Couplings are available in standard brass or optional electroless nickel-plated steel for corrosion resistance, added strength, and lower cost. Both versions use the same high-strength internal parts. The couplings minimize air inclusion during connection and fluid spillage during disconnection. They are available in full-flow 0.75, 1.0, and 1.25-in. sizes.

SafeWay Hydraulics
4040 Norex Dr.,
Chaska, MN, 55318
(952) 466-6220

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