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Motion System Design
New Products

New Products

Microstepping driver

RoHS compliant version of R208 microstepping driver features a compact design with low power dissipation and automatic current reduction.

Features & benefits

  • Provides up to 2.0 A phase current to any bipolar step motor

  • Micro stepping resolution can be set from full, ½, ¼, and ⅛ step

  • Uses 12 to 24 Vdc power supply to produce constant sinusoidal current waveforms

  • Recognizes step pulses from controller from rising or falling edge

  • Allows changes to amount of holding current applied to motor

Lin Engineering
(408) 919-0200
Circle 161

Parallel grippers

JGP pneumatic parallel grippers are extremely compact and universal for use in clean to slightly dirty environments.

Features & benefits

  • Available in sizes 64 to 160

  • Fits limited space and when interfering contours must be avoided

  • Oval pistons, wedge-hook kinematics, and T-slot guidance help achieve gripping forces of 56.2 to 537.3 lbf at a weight of 0.6 to 7.3 lb, depending on size

  • Stroke ranges from 0.24 to 0.63 in./finger

  • Recommended workpiece weights are 2.8 to 18.1 lb in standard cases

Schunk Inc.
(800) 772-4865
Circle 162

Timing belts

Three new high-performance industrial timing belts — Conti SynchroForce CXP, SynchroForce CXA, and the SynchroForce Extreme — are available in four different compounds for three section types.

Features & benefits

  • CXP delivers improved power transmission and wear resistance with its fiberglass tension member and polychloroprene elastomer

  • CXA uses N-Duro compound to increase residual tear strength and lifespan, for slow-running drives where high torques are transmitted

  • Extreme version suits drives with pulsating forces and torques and is based on a refined HNBR polymer for reliable transmission of shock movements

  • Available in pitches of 3, 5, 8, and 14 m and sections STD, HTD, and CTD

ContiTech Power Transmission Group
(800) 654-0974
Circle 163

Single-axis control

Freedom Series motion control development tool eliminates the confusion associated with motion systems integration.

Features & benefits

  • This all-inclusive package features utility and design flexibility found in higher-level control systems

  • Choice of four brushless motor options from 16 to 40 mm in diameter and up to 1/6 hp

  • Equipped with GUI software and easy-to-follow instructional wizards along with practical exercises

  • All cables and connectors are included in plug ‘n play package

Maxon Precision Motors Inc.
(508) 677-0520
Circle 164

Ac servomotor

EXC-series ac servomotor is a cost-improved version of the N-series family of ac servomotors from Rockwell Automation for use in light industrial, commercial, and medical applications.

Features & benefits

  • High acceleration and speed capability

  • Environmental sealing

  • Compatible with most drives, including OEM designed electronics

ElectroCraft Inc.
(603) 742-3330
Circle 165

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