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Plug-and-play servomotors - Siemens

Plug-and-play servomotors - Siemens

1FT7 servomotors are 30% shorter and have a 4x overload capacity for higher dynamic response. Rigid, vibration-insulated encoder mounts reduce maintenance and let users exchange the encoders, which have resolution up to 22 bits, in the field without an alignment step.
The DRIVE-CLiQ digital encoder interface doesn't need manual parameterization of the axis; the drive reads data from the electronic nameplate stored in the encoder system. The interface further permits use of a standardized cable type for all feedbacks.
The servomotors are forced ventilated, water-cooled, or convection air-cooled. A new high dynamic design with very low rotor inertia is available.

Siemens Industry, Inc., 390 Kent Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, (847) 640-1595,

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