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Machine Design

Rugged safety light curtains

The MegaSafe MG4600 Series of safety light curtains meets stringent requirements for automotive applications and is available in 20, 30, and 50-mm resolutions, provides protected heights from 17.13 to 82.52 in., and offers a 65-ft sensing range. Additional features include field-replaceable safety relays and weld shield, floating banking to block up to two beams anywhere in the zone, and exact channel select to permanently block selected beams where machine parts obstruct a portion of the zone. Options include MPCE monitoring for control reliability, MTS for verifying proper operation of safety outputs, and DeviceNet interface for sending related data between the MG4600, the main machine controller, and other fieldbus nodes. Automatic start and start/reset interlock modes let the MG4600 be configured for point-of-operation or perimeter guarding.

Scientific Technologies Inc., 6550 Dumbarton Circle, Fremont, CA 94555, (800) 479-3658.

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