Machine Design

Servo Excels at Direct Drive

The Dynaserv G3 digital servodrive comes in a compact package and incorporates advanced control and filtering algorithms.


It is particularly suited to direct-drive applications and will operate in torque, velocity, or position mode when using a motion controller, or take advantage of motion-table functions to incorporate into a PLC system. The motion tables essentially make the drive a single-axis controller, allowing the storage of indexing moves that can be initiated through a serial command or commanded via discrete inputs. There are 12 onboard inputs and six outputs. Windows-based software simplifies setup and an autotuning tool is available when operating in position-control mode. An oscilloscope function is included for advanced tuning with improved low-pass and notch filters. The drive also has additional safety features such as a controlled stop after power failure and a servo disable switch on the front panel. Included as well is special circuitry to monitor power regeneration to the drive.

Parker Hannifin, Electromechanical Automation Div.,
5500 Business Park Dr., Rohnert Park, CA 94928,
(800) 358-9068,

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