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Go back to class

In Larry Berardinis' newest blog at, engineers are encouraged to “go back to class” with him as he talks about mechatronics — an interdisciplinary technology he's been a champion of for more than 20 years. Join his first discussion about “The Blind Men and the Elephant,” a poem about how sensory perceptions can lead to misinterpretations, and see how design can be viewed, and perhaps made greater, if looked at from different perspectives.

Fastening, joining solutions

A website at is as a solution center for the forming, fastening, joining, and assembly industries. It allows users to find and compare equipment features, along with downloadable Solidworks files, PDFs, pictures, and videos. A virtual tour gives an overview of the company, including product teams, process intelligence, and its application lab. Tabs direct users to products, services, industry solutions, parts, and contacts. Questions and answers can be fielded in the “Ask the Specialist” section. Highlights also include Orbital Machines, Rollerform, Orbital Tooling, Spiralform, and more.

Automation gears up

RAE Corp., a maker of fractional horsepower motors, gearmotors, and controls, recently updated its website at Stock products are available for online viewing with key specifications and dimensions provided for ordering. Custom products with slight modifications are also shown. The website provides easy access to company news, locations, and contact forms.

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