Machine Design

Zero-Leakage Gas Valves

The Model HK5 Valve is designed to offer zero leakage in pneumatic applications.

The similar Model HKL5 Valve is designed for use with reagents and other aggressive liquids and gases such as found typically in analytical instrument applications. Both models are directacting solenoid valves measuring just 12.6 mm wide, with a high 0.05-Cv flow rate, low 1.5-W power consumption, a working temperature range from 32 to 175°F, and are rated for pressures from vacuum to 30 psig. The valves feature multiple porting configurations, can be used as a two-way or three-way, NO/NC standard fill/exhaust valves, or as selectors or diverters, and can mount on a manifold or a subbase, with custom acrylic manifolds available upon request.

Humphrey Products Co., Box 2008, Kalamazoo, MI 49003, (269) 381-5500,

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