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9-V battery straps

9-V battery straps

Two series of prewired 9-V battery straps accommodate 9-V alkaline and lithium-Ion batteries. The high-performance “Premium” design is made of molded polyethylene or rigid fiber, high-quality insulators, and phosphor bronze or spring-steel, nickel-plated, snap-on connectors.  Available in “T” or “I” configurations, their straps use soldered-in red and black wire leads in three lengths:  4, 6, (6.5 for fiber-covered versions) or 8 in. for shielded types that are fully insulated to reduce accidental short circuits

The ”Economy” version features a similar design and comes in “T” or “I” configurations.  These fully insulated straps feature brass, nickel-plated contacts and molded ABS or vinyl-covered bases, and come in 4, 6, and 8-in. wire lengths.

Keystone Electronics Corp.,31-07 20th Rd., Astoria, NY 11105, (18) 956-8900,

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