Right-angle connector

Right-angle connector

The ZQA right-angle, low-profile right-angle connector features a nonbifurcated swept contact for use with low-loss microwave coaxial cable qualified for 32-GHz spaceflight applications.
The connector has the physical advantages of standard box right-angle designs, while maintaining electrical performance comparable with conventional straight connectors.  
The 2.92-mm instrument-grade connector meets IEEE 287 standards for precision coaxial connectors with respect to inner conductor, outer conductor, and contact height dimensions. The ZQA dielectric support at its interface gives it durability and lets it work with SMA, 3.5, and 2.92‑mm air-interface connectors.
W. L. Gore & Associates Inc., 555 Paper Mill Rd., Newark, DE 19711, (888) 914-4673, www.gore.com/zqaconnector

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