Machine Design

RP Builds With One or More Materials

The Connex500 3D printer can build parts with one, two, or more materials, eliminating the need to design, print, and glue together separate parts to complete a model.

The machine can also print what the company calls Digital Materials. These are 21 different composites available on-demand during a build process. The composites are made up of two materials built in specific concentrations and structures to provide required mechanical properties. An HQ mode prints single materials at 12 mm/hr/strip with 16-micron layer thickness. An HS mode prints single materials at 20 mm/hr/strip with 30-micron thicknesses. And the DM mode prints multiple materials.

Objet Geometries Inc.
5 Fortune Dr.
Billerica, MA 01821
(877) 489-9449

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