Machine Design
Electronic Controller

Electronic Controller

THE BODAS 32-bit RC4-5 controller offers a balance of power and flexibility to maximize hydraulic component and overall system performance. The controller is powered by an 80-MHz, 32-bit TriCore chip that combines computational power with flexible inputs and outputs in a shielded aluminum package.

The controller offers four fast and accurate PWM driver outputs with closed-loop current control that compensates for the changes in voltage and resistance. Adjustable parameters for solenoid current, linearization, and PWM frequency, let the controller adapt to a variety of 12 and 24-V electroproportional components.

The RC4-5’s inputs and outputs support a variety of functions for system integration. Many sensors for force, speed, pressure, position, and temperature may be connected to the controller. Two CANbus channels offer communication gateways to an array of devices including joysticks, displays, and engines.

The BODAS-service tool lets controllers be Flash programmed, configured, optimized, diagnosed, and data logged.

Bosch Rexroth Corp., 2315 City Line Rd., Bethlehem, PA 18017, (610) 694-8352

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