Special Forces get special motorcycle

Special Forces get special motorcycle

Engineers at Zero Motorcycle have developed the MMX, an all-electric motorcycle for the U.S. Defense Dept.’s Special Forces. A fleet of bikes is currently being operationally tested by the military.

The MMX is powered by the company’s Z-force motor which puts out 54 hp and 68 ft-lb of torque. The bike also has regenerative braking which conserves power and extends the range. A pair of battery packs gives the bike a two-hour range, and the packs can be switched out for fresh ones in less than a minute. The bike also carries a charger which will fully recharge a battery pack in an hour. The packs also have a safety override and reserve power, so range can be extended if needed, but equipment may be damaged. The motor runs almost silently and generates a much smaller IR signature than an internal-combustion engine

Modifications for the military include a simple toggle switch instead of a key and ignition switch for quicker starts. The headlight can be switched off for nighttime operations. And there are wiring connections for IR lighting. The bike can also operate in up to three-feet of water. And many of the bike’s features and performance characteristics can be adjusted remotely using a smart-phone app.

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