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Meet Technology Editor Jeff Kerns

Meet Technology Editor Jeff Kerns

As one of the new Technology Editors on Machine Design, I will be covering materials, 3D printing, and electronics. Here's a little background on me: In 2012, I completed my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). While at school I ran the advanced polymer science laboratory at RIT and took advantage of its cooperative education program. In 2010, I worked as a mechanical engineer for an aerospace company in Southern California. After this I studied abroad in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This kicked off a traveling excursion that concluded with a 12,000-mile motorcycle ride around the United States before returning to school. After a few more classes and a three-month co-op for another aerospace company as a process and quality engineer, I graduated.

After college, I became a commissioning engineer, traveling the world working on precision rotary equipment. Then I attended a few masters’ courses at the local college, and helped a small automation company. So, how did I end up at Machine Design? Long story short, I am always looking for something new. Inventing and entrepreneurship are passions of mine. That often means you must have your finger on the pulse of the industry and project what’s ahead. After casually meeting another writer from Penton Media’s Design Engineering & Sourcing group, he said I might fit this position well. After meeting the rest of the staff in the office, I agreed and moved to the Big Apple.

My goal is to keep our customers in the know. Looking forward to producing valuable information, I have been working with industry leaders to watch where material science is heading with the development of 2D materials. There are also amazing developments in the sustainability industry, with new plant-based materials that are being used in everything from bio-fuels to insulation, building materials, and more. Electronics are smaller and stronger than ever and are bringing new cost-efficient products to market, which I examined in my first article on exoskeletons. When you join the materials and electronics with the advancements in new processes (such as additive manufacturing) that are changing the way these industries are making the products, then there are plenty of trends and developments I am excited to bring to the attention of our readers.

I’m based in Machine Design’s New York City office, and can be reached at [email protected].

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