Product Spotlight - May 30th, 2024
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May 30, 2024
Sponsored by Altech Corporation

Altech provides a range of circuit breakers, including UL489 Miniature Molded Case Circuit Breakers, UL508 Manual Motor Controllers (MMC), and UL1077 Supplementary Protectors. These breakers have dual voltage ratings, 10kA short circuit withstand capacity, and 6 trip curves. AC Supplementary Protectors provide additional protection for control circuits and load side of branch circuit protectors.

Altech offers a range of non-metallic and aluminum industrial enclosures that provide functional and creative protection for components and devices in light to heavy-duty industrial environments. Choose from 10 unique series to secure control components, DIN rail terminal blocks, circuit breakers, switches, meters, printed circuit boards, instruments, and sensors.

Eurostrips® by Altech are a modern, fast, and effective wire-to-wire connection solution that offers superior performance and safety. Its touch-proof design prevents shorts, and it can be customized to meet specific pole needs. Installation is easy with a hacksaw or utility knife, and the gas-tight connection ensures reliability. Eurostrips also comes with various accessories for convenience in wire installation and usage.

The Voltage Monitoring Relay is a versatile industrial device with a 22.5mm width, offering undervoltage and phase sequence monitoring for 3-phase systems. Available in models like AMR-AP3U690V2D, AMR-EP1M230V1, and AMR-EP1F480277V1D, it ensures optimal voltage levels with its compact design.

Altech offers competitively priced 80A disconnect switches, the smallest in the industry, featuring advanced silver contacts for safety and durability. These switches are designed for motors up to 75hp/600V and have a general use rating from 16A to 150A/600V. Available in rotary, direct handle, or toggle options, they come with accessories and snap-on auxiliary contacts.

Altech's Liquid Tight Strain Reliefs are cord grips or cable glands used to seal cable entries, prevent contaminants from entering enclosures, and reduce stress on components and termination points. They offer functions like Straight-Through, increased Strain Relief, Bend Protection, Pull/Bend Protection, Multi-conductor, Flat Cable, and EMI/RFI, and can be used with various cable, cord, or conductor types.

Altech offers cost-effective control circuit solutions with 22 and 30mm Push Buttons, suitable for direct or remote management applications. These easy-to-assemble products include LED Indicating Devices, Pilot Lights, Push Button Stations, and Enclosures. They also offer UL Recognized products with optional custom assemblies.

Altech offers a range of power distribution blocks, including aluminum and brass options. These blocks can accommodate both copper and aluminum cables, with a 600V AC/DC rating and current ratings ranging from 90A to 255A. They can be mounted on DIN rails or power distribution boards, and are compatible with other modular devices.