Robotics & Automation - Jun 11th, 2024
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June 11, 2024
Next-generation machines will integrate technologies to ensure proper functionality and patient safety. A holding brake—or, more specifically, an electromagnetic brake—is one of these technologies. Let’s learn about this critical component of robotics systems.
Functional success of robotic and control solutions is tied to available information, flexibility and software upgrades. Heads-up: AI is integral to the mix.
Teradyne Robotics’ Ujjwal Kumar demonstrates new AI-powered solutions and opportunities at Automate 2024.
Blue Arbor Technologies’ novel RESTORE neuromuscular interface uses surgically implanted electrodes for the patient to control their robotic prosthesis.
From the Archives
Disruptive technologies create opportunities for mini motors to solve the unique challenges of the surgical, warehouse, cobot and service robotics industries.

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