QuickChat: Optimizing ePumps for Electric and Hybrid Off-Road Equipment

March 8, 2023
Rob Lorance, Engineering and Business Development Manager at Parker's Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems, shares key considerations engineers should know when migrating from ICE to ePumps.

Sponsored by Parker Hannifin's Motion Systems Group

There’s a lot of information today on the best way to electrify mobile equipment systems. Identifying the right product combination can deliver increased efficiency, quieter operation, more compact footprint, a lower total cost of ownership, increased reliability, longer lifetime, and an optimized speed range. However, a successful, efficient all-electric or hybrid system is not simply about adding an electric motor. As with any human or mechanical operation, it’s about how all the components work together.

In this QuickChat, Rob Lorance of Parker Hannifin meets with Bob Vavra of Machine Design to discuss the key information engineers need to know when transitioning to ePumps. 

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