Dimple Self Locking Ring

Problem/Solution: Innovative Retaining Ring Design Provides High-Speed Operation

May 19, 2023
Standard components have a tendency to stretch and disengage during high speed operation, which can cause equipment failure, damage, and provide a safety threat to those nearby. This piece will address a solution for this common challenge.

High speed operations are common in today’s manufacturing and production industries. For motors that exceed 10,000 rpm and higher, keeping a retaining ring on the shaft has been difficult.

Due to the increases in rotational capacity requirements, engineers are challenged with finding retaining rings that can withstand these unconventional speeds. Retaining rings must be able to perform well under a broad range of environmental conditions as well as offer a self-locking feature for robust operation. The right components also need to be easy to install. 

Read on to learn about how Smalley's innovations have risen to address the higher-than-ever rotational and speed requirements of today's applications.

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