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Robotiq Offers Vision System for UR Robotic Arms

Robotiq Offers Vision System for UR Robotic Arms

The wrist camera can be added to UR robotic arms and its hardware can be directly installed to the UR controller.

Robotiq’s Camera Plug-and-Play Vision System attaches to the wrist of Universal Robots (UR) for object recognition and pick-and-place functionality that can be programmed across a wide variety of parts. In addition, a wide range of UR-compatible grippers and sensors improve the customization of robotic arms, making them useful for applications ranging from machine loading and unloading to weight sensing and sorting.

The HMI and camera enable easy programming for part recognition.

Robotiq's software is already embedded on Polyscope, UR’s user interface, so the company's camera and sensor modules can be directly connected to the UR controller without the need for an external PC. After installation, programmers can use the camera to scan the back, side, and front profiles of an object, and use an HMI to program the parts into the robot's memory.

Users can also program the robot's movements simply by moving it to successive positions and entering these orientations into the HMI. Users can take advantage of this functionality to create a path for various end piecesheld by the gripper, such as sanders or polishing tools.  Robotiq also offers its Kinetiq brand that caters to welding operations, and follows similar programming mechanisms.

Robotiq’s video center offers instructions for installing the wrist camera, grippers, and force and torque sensors. A 3-minute video shows users how to connect the module to a UR controller.

Launched to the public at Automatica in Munich, Robotiq has local partners across Europe and in the Mid-Region of the US.  

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