Pack Expo 2017

Robotic Control Simplified with Software Option

Yaskawa unveils its MLX300 option, which creates a single-controller, single-programming environment with standard PLCs.

With the MLX300 software option, operators no longer need to learn a specific robot programming language. They can control and program Yaskawa’s robots in a standard programmable-logic-controller (PLC) environment. Yaskawa will introduce the MLX300 this week at Pack Expo 2017, in booth C-4444.

Integration of this software enables the PLC to perform all program execution. The Yaskawa robot controller’s kinematic algorithms manage the motion control. The software supports PLCs such as CompactLogix, ControlLogix, and GuardLogix.

The single-controller, single-programming environment, which usually only needs one programmer to implement an application, eliminates redundant electrical interfaces and consolidates hardware, thus optimizing floor space and simplifying safety design.

Also included are add-on instructions (AOIs), i.e. easy-to-use programming tools, and human-machine interface (HMI) screens specific to robot configuration and motion control. The MLX300 option is compatible with Yaskawa DX200 material-handling robots, or the YRC1000 GP-series robot. Up to four robots and positioners can be connected to a single MLX300 system.

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