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Air and filter regulators

The Type 330/340 Series of instrument air-filter regulators and air regulators withstand the harshest environments while providing accurate pressure regulation and filtration.

The Type 330 instrument air-filter regulator has been expanded to include a regulator-only version, larger porting sizes, and an automatic drain. Designed for systems that require clean, accurate, instrument air, the 330 provides pressure regulation and filtration. It is now available in ¼-in. NPT porting for normal operation and ½-in. NPT porting for high-flow requirements. The automatic drain option prevents moisture from being retained in the unit and carried downstream.

The new Type-340 regulator provides accurate, constant control under variable flow rates and supply pressures.

The Series come in three output ranges for control up to 120 psig (8 bar). Maximum supply pressure is 250 psig (17 bar). Two 1/4” NPT gauge ports are included.

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