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Machine Design

Ball-rail system

The NFRG ball-rail system is designed for humid to wet production environments. The profiled rail and ball-runner block are made entirely of corrosion-resistant steel. The systems come in five sizes and withstand relative humidity above 70% and temperatures above 30°C over an indefinite period.

The system’s plastic parts even resist weak acids, lyes, organic solvents, oils, and alcohols. They also possess good sliding properties.

The profiled rail can be mounted from the top, using the clip-on stainless-steel cover strip to create a smooth surface. User can also cover the mounting holes with white caps, or mount the profiled rail from underneath. The ball-runner blocks are not prelubricated so users can fill in the proper lubricant recommended for their specific applications.

The ball-runner blocks, which come in flange or narrow versions, are available in accuracy class H and in three preload classes. The O configuration of the balls ensures that the system has the required rigidity and equally high load capacities in all four main loading directions.

Additional mounting holes in the middle of the runner blocks allow surface and lateral rigidity to be increased.

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