Motion System Design

Hydrostatic linear guides

HLE Series hydrostatic compact linear guidance systems combine hydrostatic damping with compact dimensions in a design that is more cost effective and easier to mount than old systems.

Features & benefits

  • Suitable where vibration damping is required — in high-speed machining, grinding, and applications subject to blade-contact shocks, tool wear, regenerative effects, and other disruptive forces

  • Fit inside same design space as typical rolling-element-based guidance systems

  • Size 45 (45-mm rail width) HLE guide damps more than 470,000 kg per second; operates at 100 bar nominal pressure with an oil viscosity class of ISO VG 46

  • Carriage made of steel saddle plate with pressure pockets and two end pieces; guides comply with ISO/DIN mounting dimensions; moves on a thin cushion of high-pressure fluid

Schaeffler Group USA
(803) 396-3667

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