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Motion System Design
Jaw couplings handle high accel/decel shock loads

Jaw couplings handle high accel/decel shock loads

This newly expanded line of zero-backlash jaw couplings includes more compliant spider elements for applications where greater shock absorption is needed. The jaw couplings are three-piece units made of two hubs with curved jaws plus an elastic element. The polyurethane spiders damp impulse type loads, minimizing shock to the motor and other sensitive equipment. Spider elements of three hardness levels — 85, 92, and 98 shore — are available. The soft spider element gives the jaw coupling the greatest damping characteristic, while a harder element provides the greatest torsional rigidity. The couplings are suitable for many servo applications with reversing torque, achieving zero backlash while absorbing shock and damping vibration. Ruland Manufacturing Co. | (508) 485-1000

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