Motion System Design
Nanopositioning stage controllers

Nanopositioning stage controllers

Nanopositioning stage controllers with 24-bit resolution allow better than 100 picometers of command resolution for long travel.

Features & benefits

  • Piezo nanopositioning systems — resolution of 1 mm and better

  • Converters offer improvement of more than two orders of magnitude over 16-bit converters

  • Controllers come in benchtop, rack-mount, and OEM card versions from single-channel units to multiaxis controllers with 12 channels/rack

  • High-speed USB interface; RS-232 interface for industrial controllers; extensive software libraries and GUIs; support for LabView, Matlab, and text-based programming languages; analog interface for NI cards and analog control signals

  • Up to 12 channels for multiaxis positioning applications; choice of position feedback sensors; user-programmable data tables for random waveform generation

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.
(508) 832-3456

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