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Piezo nanopositioning stages

Piezo nanopositioning stages

The QNP-L Series of piezo nanopositioning stages offer a variety of travel and feedback options. The linear piezo stages are guided by precision flexures designed using finite-element analysis to ensure stiffness, long life, high process throughput, fast closed-loop response, and geometric performance (straightness and angular errors) while minimizing overall package size.

The units offer closed-loop feedback using a capacitive sensor that yields subnanometer positioning resolution and high-positioning accuracy (linearity). The sensors directly measure positioning-carriage output

The piezo stages are available with or without capacitive sensor feedback. A mounting plate for mounting to English or metric breadboard optical tables is also available. Common travels of the X, XY, and Z stages mount together without adapter plates.

Aerotech Inc., 101 Zeta Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238, (412) 963-7470

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