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Real-time Ethernet for FPGAs

Real-time Ethernet for FPGAs

POWERLINK slave for FPGAs adds a real-time Ethernet connection for cost-sensitive products, such as compact sensors, drives, or modular I/O bus connection modules.

Features & benefits

  • Speeds time-to-market, simplifies POWERLINK use; a simple API (compatible with a serial port (SPI) or an 8/16-bit ┬ÁC interface) is included and allows any host processor, such as ARM, x86, or DSPs, to be connected to a POWERLINK network

  • Sensors with simple data links connect directly to POWERLINK FPGA, require no external microcontroller

  • Optional training, commissioning, and business-level maintenance support; test system for POWERLINK setup available

  • Unlike other ASIC-based solutions, open FPGA platform allows manufacturer-independence; runtime licenses not required

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