Motion System Design


PInano line of superresolution (SR) microscope stages now includes models with direct-measuring capacitive sensors, for more linearity and long-term stability than piezoresistive sensor-equipped stages.

Features & benefits

  • Recessed bottom slide mount allows full turret rotation without in-and-out Z motion, protecting objects from crashing into stage; XY and XYZ stages available

  • 20-mm design simplifies integration into inverted microscopes; optional 25 × 25-mm positioning stage with self-clamping ultrasonic ceramic motors serves as basis for piezo scanning stage, permits imaging of large samples

  • 24-bit controller with USB, Ethernet, RS-232 Interface; analog control

  • 200-µm XY or XYZ travel, closed-loop control for subnanometer precision

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.
(508) 832-3456

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