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Vacuum circuit breaker

The W-VACiMB medium-voltage vacuum circuit breaker, designed for mining applications, provides reliable and robust circuit protection in a compact, environmentally friendly, and reliable package.

The W-VACiMB breakers protect transformers, capacitor banks, motors, busbar sections, and cables. The breakers are sealed from dust and contaminants and withstand high altitude, shock, vibration, and high ambient temperatures.

The 17.5-kV circuit breakers make and break power in a sealed environment with no external arcing and serve both 50 and 60-Hz segments of the underground mining industry.

The breakers have three elements: the vacuum interrupter, the encapsulated pole unit, and the universal assembly. The units are virtually maintenance-free and encapsulated in epoxy resin, protecting them from impact and environmental conditions such as humidity and dust.

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