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Build Quality and Reliability Into Your 3D Printing Process

Build Quality and Reliability Into Your 3D Printing Process

A Machine Design-hosted on-demand webinar sponsored by Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Available On-Demand
Originally Broadcast:
Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Sponsor: Stratasys Direct Manufacturing
Duration: 1 Hour

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As 3D printing grows as a manufacturing production strategy, OEMs and contract manufacturers are applying a Quality Management System to achieve objectives and ensure requirements are met. This creates a production environment that can deliver the same levels of quality, traceability and reliability as is expected in any other manufactured parts. 

Join Machine Design and Stratasys Direct Manufacturing in an in-depth look at the value of a robust and integrated Quality Management System in a modern 3D printing operation, and how it can be combined with the other manufacturing process to provide a single point of truth of all aspects of your overall plant operation.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Seven Principles of a Quality Management System
  • Overview of Quality Management Processes in 3D Printing
  • Material, Build, and Part traceability
  • Inspection and controls


Grant Shirley, Quality Manager, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing