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The Collaborative Approach to Automation

The Collaborative Approach to Automation

A Machine Design-hosted live webinar on October 10th sponsored by Universal Robots

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Originally Broadcast:
Thursday, October 10, 2019
Sponsor: Universal Robots
Duration: 1 Hour

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Collaborative robots are one of the most exciting developments in the robotics industry as they can work without fencing, side by side with human workers in a wide range of applications. Other beneficial aspects with using cobots is that they can automate tasks and jobs that are dangerous or tedious for human workers, while resolving potential labor shortage and improving productivity. In this one-hour webinar, Michael DeGrace with Universal Robots will share examples from documented case studies of how cobots continue to benefit manufacturers in terms of use and cost and what industries are most greatly benefiting from their technology.


Michael DeGrace, Sales Development Manager, Universal Robots

Michael DeGrace graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biological Engineering and is an experienced sales engineer with proficiency in manufacturing, components, and collaborative robots.Michael has worked as a Sales Development Manager at Universal Robots since early 2018 and is responsible for territory development in Southwestern United States.